About Goofi

Goofi is a brand that helps your child to become creative and empathic. Goofi’s mission is to prepare children for the future with the right skills. 

Goofi books are the products of Goofi. It is the most trusted and well-known children books among parents. It helps children to improve their creativity, problem-solving skill, emotional intelligence and moral values.

Why Goofi Books?

goofi kids clubGoofi Books are used in more than 90 countries by over 5 million children. We are the only publisher based in Bangladesh whose books and characters are recognized world-wide.

Children loves goofi books, the characters, stories and activities. Because every goofi book is highly researched and developed by a group of experts. Before every book publication, they are tested on the children and the children give their feedback. 

Goofi publishes books in series and focus on individual themes like moral values, empathy, creativity, emotional intelligence or critical thinking. The academic books focusing on pre-school and early grade children are highly engaging, full of activities and creative works. 

Goofi Books are the best gift that you can give to a child. Whether you are a parent, a teachers or someone looking to give something amazing to a child, you can trust on Goofi to deliver. It will make them happy and help them to grow as a smarter and kinder person.


Types of Goofi Products

Goofi offers a range of products – Goofi Books, Goofi Learning Products, Goofi Merchandise. Goofi Products are best for children between 3-12 years old. If you are looking for highly engaging, creative and high quality learning products and books for children, Goofi is just the right brand for you. 

Moreover, purchasing any Goofi products from our page will allow you to apply for Goofi membership program for your child. 

Goofi products are available online and in other top retail stores. 

Goofi e-Books

Goofi Learning Products

Goofi Kids Club Member

Goofi kids club membershipMake your child a member of Goofi. Members of Goofi Kids Club receives regular update about new books, get various offers including free delivery. We want to make sure that Goofi Members are given maximum priority through our 24×7 available Parent Support Executives. 

Children who are Goofi Kids Club members are more creative, smarter and empathic to others.


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