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A List of Best Bangla Children Story Books

Looking for some Bangla children books for your kid? You came to the right place.

Bengali or Bangla is the 7th most spoken language in the world and voted as the sweetest language. Every one in seven children speaks in Bengali. If you are looking for some latest original Bengali children book, goofi book can offer you some amazing choices. Goofi books are based on specific themes like moral values, empathy, creativity. It covers stories ranging from real life event, fairy tales, historical events. The stories are told for children by some fascinating young authors and illustrated beautifully.

Goofi books are constantly voted as the best designed books in Bangladesh. And it is the only publisher in Bangladesh whose books are used by children across 90 countries.

Some of our favorite goofi book series

Goofi publishes children book in multiple languages – Bengali, English, Spanish, Arabic etc. We are mentioning some of the Bangla children books that goofi recently published.

Goofi StoryDoo – most popular children book series

The first storybook series published is Goofi StoryDoo. The word story+doodle are combined to make the word ‘Storydoo’. This 5-book series is the most popular children book series in Bangladesh after it’s first publication in 2019. The series is sold more than Thakumar Jhuli – the classic Bengali fairy tale. In the storydoo books, children can also make doodle, color the images too. The focus of the stories are empathy, creativity, values. In the recent edition, the publisher add story reading video of each book. Parents can scan the QR code and enjoy the beautiful story book reading with children.

goofi storydoo series bangla
goofi storydoo series

Goofi EI Series – first book series in Bangla focusing on Emotional Intelligence

Goofi always aspires to bring new things for children. Goofi EI Series does exactly that. This 5-book series is the first Bangla children books on emotional intelligence. The authors of the books are Waliullah Bhuiyan, Tahmina Rahman, Noushin Afsana and Anika Rahman. Along with their beautifully told scripts, the illustrations of these books are completely different than anything you have ever seen. Launched in Ekhushey Book Fair 2021, it went on to become the best selling children book series in Bangladesh.

More about Goofi EI Series

goofi book on emotional intelligence
Goofi Book series on emotional intelligence

Goofi Borno Golpo

This is Goofi’s attempt to create another history in the children book publication sector. Goofi decides to create a 9-series volume covering stories with every single Bengali alphabet. Hence the series name – Borno Golpo or Alphabet Stories. The 50-book long series is arguably the longest children book series ever undertaken. Writing stories based on each alphabet of a language is another feature that never been done before.

The core concept of this series is to tell stories to children on a range of various themes covering from history, culture, invention, fairy tales. Each series has 5-6 books focusing on 5-6 alphabet. The children also get to learn new words of that particular letter. So far, Goofi published first 3 series – Borno Golpo 1, 2 and 3.

goofi borno golpo book
Children love the characters and stories of Goofi Borno Golpo

This series already creates a cult-following among children. They identify themselves as various characters, regularly draws pictures and characters of the books, use difficult words that they learn in conversation to surprise the adults.

See all Bornogolpo Series

We have covered a total of 5 series from Goofi and a total of 26 books. These books are applicable for 4-10 years old. Goofi books are not typical fairy tales with king, queen, monster and fairies. These are the books for today’s new generation who need to face a lot of challenges and need to be prepared from an early age.

Goofi books through their stories and images can help children to change one or two things that will help them to become smarter and kinder.

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Goofi kids club membership
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