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Best Activity Books For Kids- Goofi Play with Alphabet


Best Activity book for kids: Goofi Play With Alphabet

Play with Alphabet is an innovative, interactive and, of course, super fun way to introduce the alphabet to children. In this book, each alphabet has been designed with several features that can engage children, for sure, in the process of learning.

Book Number: 1
Age Group: 3-7 Years

Key features of the book: 
?Learning small & capital letters, and words faster in English
?Improve creativity
?300+ hours of engagement for children
?100+ Coloring, drawing, puzzle & brain game
?Reduce smartphone addiction

Watch Inside the Book


Goofi- Play with Alphabet is an activity book for kids to introduce the English language to preschool children.

“Play with Alphabet” is an innovative, effective and super fun way to introduce English Alphabet A to Z to children.

In this activity book for kids, each English alphabet has some interesting activities and features that can encourage children for fun and learn the alphabets properly.

Through various classic games and activities like maze, drawing and brain storming tasks, the book will help children to develop creativity and problem-solving skills.

Adult supervision is needed initially to teach early learners. But after a few pages, children could work by themselves.

activity book for kids
activity book for kids

Activity Features

Color the Picture

ABC Coloring book is always attractive to children. In this activity boo for kids from an outlined picture, children are required to find the objects, match them with the respective letter, and color them.

Moreover, Alphabet Coloring Book is always loved by kids.

Find the Letter

Recognizing the proper letter out of many is a way to assess the learning. Playing some English Alphabet games also helps to increase children’s attention-span.

Solve the Maze

Solving Maze is a classic game to enhance children’s problem solving and creativity skills. Solving a maze sounds like fun too.

Alphabet to Picture

Drawing pictures from alphabet is the best way of learning alphabet. It’s not only helping kids’ imagination power, but increasing their observation ability too.

Key features of the Activity Book for Kids 

ISBN – 978-984-96105-7-1

Book Binding – Hardcover.

Size – 8.5 × 11-inch, horizontal book.

Page Length – 164.

Paper – offset, 120 gsm.

Printing – 4-color.

User friendly, High Quality and Long durable.

To know more about Goofi books, please call 01958636811.


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