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Goofi Hand Puppet – Red Bunny


Goofi Hand Puppet is an amazing Learning Toy for children. It can be used to play, act, read stories and multiple other activities. Parents can use it for young children to talk and interact with them.
Inside the Box:
  1. One Handmade Puppet
  2. One Puppet Manual
  3. One Gift Scratch Card


Goofi Hand Puppet is an amazing baby learning toys to play, act, read stories. With the puppet manual inside, your kid can make new puppets too.

Goofi Puppet is a Goofi Learning Toy for Children. Goofi Puppet is a baby learning toys made for role play and imaginary games. Children and adults can play and interact with them to teach various things to each other – like telling a story or acting in different roles.

It helps children to make an interesting story with hand puppet. they make a story from their thought.

Goofi Learning Toys are wonderful products for pre-school children both at home and at schools for parents and teachers to use, interact, and play with each other.

Inside the Baby Learning Toys:

  1. One handmade puppet
  2. One puppet making manual with technique to make 5 different types of puppets.
  3. One scratch card to win exciting gift for kids.

Goofi Toys: Tale of Two Mothers

Every time you purchase a Goofi Toy, there is a story behind it. That baby learning toys your child is playing with is handmade with love and care by another mother from rural Bangladesh.

Every time you purchase a toy, it brings joy to another child as her mother might bring a new dress or book from the earning she made by making Goofi Toys.

And that is the story we want you to tell to your child when you purchase our toys. Your child will not just see this as an object to play, but will treat the toy as a source for empathy and compassion.

By telling this story your child you will complete the Tale of Two Mothers.


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